Learning English through music

Learn with your favorite songs and feel confident speaking English - faster, simpler, easier and way more fun.

220+ teachers
525K+ learners
5M+ songs
Up to 80% success rate

Sing, learn, know

A totally different English learning experience

We developed an innovative, experiential, immersive, and empowering English education method through music. Learners choose and listen to the songs they like, select new words for instant translation, and expand their vocabulary faster and easier.   

Every word’s meaning uncovered

Learners can click any word in the song lyrics for instant translation to their native language.

Suggested songs with the new word

Learners receive suggestions for more songs with the newly mastered word, discovering different word usage and more music.

An innovative, immersive and empowering learning method

Trusted by official education authorities

Our values


Singit is a teacher-friendly and learner-friendly platform. Easy and intuitive, it makes English learning simple, clear and easy.

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Singit is available for teachers and learners on any device - mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Singit is designed to improve self-confidence, empowering teachers and learners through the power of music.

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Singit is a platform designed for people and values the individual needs and goals of its audience - teachers and learners alike.

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Singit is about learning that doesn’t feel like school, because results are possible only through an immersive, empowering experience.

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Any person engaging with Singit is, first and foremost, our friend.

Learning made simple

The studies are done through the app so you can learn from wherever you are and at your own time.

Once you learn through music, it is much easier to remember details in a fun and effortless way.

become an English speaker in a short period of time, without getting confused, getting stuck and without forgetting.

No more monotonous repetition of words, or learning through memorization that you will forget after a few months.

Sharpen your skills with multiple types of exercises and quizzes you can take anywhere, anytime

Learning through music is a proven way to keep motivation levels high

Browse a rich library of over 5 million songs to find and listen to a track you like

Click any word in the lyrics for instant translation

Say goodbye to

With Singit, learning English is made fun and easy

Tedious lessons

Learning boredom

Getting lost

Missing attention

Lack of engagement

No motivation

Say hello to

Singit makes learning English an entertaining experience

Enjoyable lessons

Desire to learn

English made clear 

Peak focus 

Fun. Fun.  Fun. 

High motivation

"Music is the language of humanity"

-Carl Jung


What is Singit?

Singit is the only app out there that allows you to learn English using all of your favorite songs! Making English learning fun and exciting!

What’s included in the Singit subscription?

Our subscription includes unlimited access to our rich music collection that has over 5 million songs, definitions of any unfamiliar words, a chatbot that can help you practice your speaking skills, and a variety of tests that can help you improve your English in no time.

What makes Singit a proven method for learning?

There are numerous studies and peer-reviewed articles that indicate that music is a great tool to enhance language learning skills as well as other simpler cognitive tasks. An article by J.S Jenkins for the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine stated that research shows that listening to music can highly improve spatial-temporal reasoning performance in young children.

I'm a beginner. Is Singit right for me?

Singit is right for every English level out there, Whether you need to learn your basics or just want a fun way to practice Singit is meant for you!

How quickly will I learn English with SingIt?

That really depends on you. A consistent English learner is a fast English learner. The more you practice the better you will be.

What if Singit is not right for me?

We’re sorry to hear that, but if you find that Singit is not right for you it is possible to cancel your subscription at any time just press the “cancel my subscription” button or email us at [insert email address] and we will help with the cancelation process.