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Singit is a digital platform for learning English through music. It’s designed for individual learners who want to learn English in an easy and entertaining way and educators who wish to integrate new learning experiences in their academic program.

Singit is an authorized content vendor by Israel’s Ministry of Education. 
We believe that every learner at any age can learn and improve their English skills. We aim to empower learners to develop their reading, listening and speaking skills. For this purpose, we created Singit, an innovative and experiential learning environment. 
220+ teachers
525K+ learners
5M+ songs
98% success rate
Michael Peled
"Thinking how excited I would have been as a child to learn English with this app makes me feel every minute of work on Singit is absolutely worth it”

Michael Peled, founder and CEO, came up with the idea to teach English through music out of a personal need. As a child with dyslexia, Michael experienced first-hand the difficulties of learning English at school.

Michael's father told him that he had learned English through the songs of his favorite musicians, the Beatles and Pink Floyd. His father’s story inspired Michael to create a unique digital experience that empowers learners to master English through song lyrics. In 2020, Michael and the team launched the Singit app. With this new app in hand, Singit pursued the next goal: turn Singit into an integral part of Israeli education and make the app available to every student in the country.

In 2022, following a successful pilot with students of all ages and levels, Singit received the Ministry of Education's authorization to provide content to schools country-wide.

Today, Singit operates in 800 schools and serves hundreds of thousands of learners.  

Fit for students with learning disabilities

Singit is all-inclusive. Fit for all. Designed for all levels.

Dr. Tziona Levi
Vocational Center Supervisor English, Ministry of Education

"Creating a positive learning experience is a central key in cultivating the learners' ability to acquire a new language. The supervision of English in the Ministry of Education has been working vigorously in recent years to integrate many innovative learning opportunities, among other things, through the creative use of diverse digital platforms.

In addition, there are lesson plans that allow, among other things, to practice using WhatsApp, as well as through digital courses for self-study, learning through video production and learning vocabulary and slang through current songs.

These moves are an important and additional component of a clear educational concept that follows harnessing diverse means to promote learning experiences and strengthen the students' command of the English language.'