February 4, 2024

Fast English learning: is the solution found?

Who doesn't like to learn things quickly? Usually when we want to learn something we imagine how with the click of a finger we are experts in the field. In the context of learning English, we all dream of waking up one morning and knowing how to speak English as if we were born in New York. Of course, in reality, any learning requires commitment and an investment of time. But what if we told you that there is a huge store of information already in your head, that if you only know how to use it correctly, your English will improve wonderfully? Does that sound strange to you? Keep reading and you'll understand what it's all about.

Fast English learning: is the solution found?

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What has changed in our latest release?

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Why We Want to Learn English Fast

Like everything in life, we want to reach our goals and objectives quickly, and this is also true for learning English. Learning a language is actually learning a whole world, which is why learning a language is a challenge for everyone. But in learning a language, it is not only the natural desire to succeed that drives us, but also the circumstances of life sometimes require us to. For example, you get an opportunity for a rewarding job abroad, you decide to go on a long trip, or you meet the love of your life and he/she is an English speaker. All of these will require you to improve your English quickly.

Learning English Fast with Music

It may sound obvious to you, but take a moment to think - how many songs in English do you know by heart? Think about the amount of songs in English that have easily been etched into your memory, what if we could take all the information we have from music and turn it into an English lesson?

Today, entrepreneurs and educators understand the enormous potential of music for learning English and are learning how to use and turn it into accessible and effective learning material. With innovative learning techniques, you can use the songs you already love and improve your English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

How does it work?

Right now you know and love a lot of songs in English, but chances are you haven't delved into the words or their meaning. Learning English with music actually asks you to delve into the songs you love, translate the words and expressions in them, decipher the meaning and context of the text.

In this way, you come to learning with a basis of love and familiarity with the text you need to learn. In addition to the practical benefits of music, learning English through songs overcomes two major obstacles:

Motivation: Lack of motivation is the number one factor for slow and ineffective learning. It is definitely difficult to create motivation when there is no connection to the texts, when the learning method is not adapted to you, or when you experience a sense of failure. In contrast, learning through music that you love creates enjoyment, interest, and thus motivation that drives you to learn vigorously.

Availability: Another challenge is the lack of availability of learning materials. When your learning tools are not at your fingertips, it is easy to give up on learning. On the other hand, when you learn through music, you can do it through any smart digital device, and we all know that the mobile phone is always at your fingertips.

The Platform for Learning English Fast Through Music - SingIt

Meet SingIt, the platform that realizes the tremendous benefits of learning English through music just for you. SingIt's smart software not only brings you a convenient and intuitive learning experience, but also adapts itself to you. The platform identifies your musical preferences, your strengths and weaknesses, and builds a unique learning plan for you.

So yes, there is no magic in learning English, you always have to learn and invest. But thanks to the innovative SingIt app, you are using the knowledge hidden within you to enhance your English reading, writing, and speaking skills.