February 4, 2024

How to teach children words in English?

How to teach children words in English?

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As parents, we know that nurturing our children's language skills from a young age opens up a world of opportunities for them. English is not just a language; it is a way to connect people, to understand and develop important cognitive abilities. But what English words can we teach children from a young age? How do we avoid resistance and teach children in an interesting and effective way until they want to learn on their own?

Why is it important to teach English words from a young age?

Of course we want our children to know English, but language is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond language proficiency, it is about nurturing cognitive development, improving communication skills, and making good use of the stage in development where acquiring new languages is easier. In addition, research shows that acquiring a second language can improve performance in other subjects such as math, improve memory, and boost self-confidence. Therefore, starting to learn English words early allows children to absorb language effortlessly and builds a good foundation for them for the future.

What English words should you teach children?

As parents, teaching English vocabulary should include vocabulary that balances usefulness and relevance:

Basic vocabulary

It is recommended to start with basic words that serve as building blocks for the language. Nouns (teacher, table, house); verbs (run, walk, sleep); adjectives (tall, beautiful, soft) and adverbs (slowly, always, quite) lay the foundation for expression and understanding.

Contextual words

Introduce words that are relevant to your child's interests and daily experiences. For example, if they love science, incorporate terms like "galaxy" or "experiment". For sports fans, words like "teamwork" or "athlete" will be appropriate.

Emotional vocabulary

Help children identify and express different emotions by teaching them words that describe emotions. Words like "gratitude", "optimist" or "happy" will help develop emotional intelligence.

Teaching English words using music

When you think about it, music is like a universal language. As such, incorporating music into the learning process proves to be a resounding success. With catchy rhythms and repetition of words, songs have the ability to help with memorization, understanding and memory of words and phrases. By listening to music, children memorize words effortlessly and internalize vocabulary and correct pronunciation. Music turns the learning process from boring and frustrating to a positive and rewarding experience.

Today there are innovative ways to use music to teach children English. For example, the SingIt app is specifically designed to teach English using songs and has even been approved by the Ministry of Education to operate in schools across the country.

Learn English with SingIt

SingIt is an innovative app that is revolutionizing the way children learn English. SingIt combines advanced technology with educational values. Learning in the app includes a diverse and updated song library, practice quizzes, and interactive features with artificial intelligence for practicing speaking English. All of these help with quick absorption and long-term retention of vocabulary and grammar. In addition, the learning style in the app is adapted to people with learning disabilities, combines positive reinforcements and is accessible from any digital platform. The SingIt app focuses on all the different aspects of language: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, and vocabulary. Already, some 800 schools across the country are already using SingIt and making the English learning experience enjoyable and effective.

It's time to teach kids English words

The immense importance of learning English cannot be overstated. Children who learn English words from a young age enjoy a more pleasant experience at school and countless doors open for them. Today, thanks to SingIt's innovative English learning method, the learning experience becomes easier for students, parents and teachers.