February 4, 2024

Learning English for adults - it's never too late

Do you also dream of speaking English with confidence? Do you also aspire to write "high level English" in your resume? With today's technology, the realization of the dream can be within reach.

Learning English for adults - it's never too late

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What has changed in our latest release?

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In the past, the only way to learn English was the classical method: learning in the classroom, memorizing words and reading from the board. Those who didn't get along with the method were left behind. In contrast, today technology and innovative approaches allow you to learn English in a different, more diverse and tailored way. So if you've always wanted to improve your English, after reading this you'll be a little more optimistic.

I've been getting by so far, why is it important for me to learn English?

True, as Israelis we can live and function in the country even without knowing English. But what if you want more than just "getting by"? What if you want to manage an international company? There, English is a must. It is important to note that English is not only a springboard for a career, but for various aspects of life:

Traveling abroad: As Israelis, there is nothing we love more than traveling the world. When you know English, every trip abroad becomes more enjoyable and easier.

Relocation: You never know where life will take you. Whether you get an opportunity to work abroad for a period of time or relocate permanently, without good English the transition will be much more challenging.

Technology: Already today, there are countless revolutionary technologies such as AI that usually require a good level of English to utilize their capabilities.

Strengthening cognitive abilities: Many studies show that knowing a second language strengthens concentration, memory and cognitive control. As a result, learning English for adults helps reduce the risk of dementia.

Career: If we go back to the employment aspect - English is a basic requirement in many workplaces. Of course, this requirement becomes more critical in managerial positions or in international companies.

New Methods for Learning English for Adults

New technologies have revolutionized language learning in recent years. Here are three innovative methods that use technology to learn English:

Language Exchange Platforms

There are popular websites and apps that connect language learners around the world. This way you can practice English with native English speakers and in return, for example, help them learn Hebrew. These platforms often offer chat, a "feed" similar to other social media apps, voice calls and video calls.

Online Learning Platforms

These are various online platforms that provide access to many language teachers at affordable prices. You can choose your teacher based on their expertise, schedule, and even specific accents and areas you want to learn. These meetings allow for personalized, flexible learning, practice and focused feedback.

Language Learning Apps

Language learning apps have gained immense popularity due to their interactive learning experience. There are apps that offer structured lessons, vocabulary exercises, speaking exercises and even AI-powered chats. The apps adapt to your learning pace and style, making learning English engaging and effective.

Learning English for Adults with the SingIt App

One of the most innovative apps for learning English is SingIt, which combines all the technological advantages of language learning apps with music. The app includes a vast library of over 5 million songs from a variety of genres through which you learn all aspects of the language. SingIt uses the ability of popular music to be etched into our memory for effective, meaningful and experiential English learning.

Imagine that your English lesson is built specifically for you based on the songs you love. The lessons in SingIt are exactly like that, and include active, challenging and personalized learning. If you've tried to learn English before without success, you should try SingIt's innovative learning environment, maybe music will be your fast track to success.