February 4, 2024

Learning English for beginners - get to know the new method

It's never too late to learn English, and never too early. Maybe you are parents of small children who want to start teaching them English? Maybe you want to improve your English and you haven't found the right method? Either way, you should hear about the innovative method for learning English for beginners. There is no magic here, but there is a combination of the world we all love - music, and its transformation into active and effective learning. So who should learn English? why is it important? And how does music come into the picture? All the answers are below.

Learning English for beginners - get to know the new method

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When is the Best Time to Learn and Teach English?

It is true that learning a second language in general - and English in particular - is possible at any age. However, the earlier you start, the better. Learning English helps us develop important cognitive abilities, navigate the world with confidence, and gain a significant advantage in the competitive job market.

Many studies show that children begin to acquire and assimilate a second language as early as age 4, and some say even as early as age 2. Therefore, it is recommended to start exposing children to English at a young age and in fact to prepare the ground for the more formal learning that takes place in elementary school and beyond.

As a rule, English instruction in the education system begins in third grade, but many schools start as early as first or second grade, and there are even kindergartens that already strengthen second language skills. In any case, during these years it is very important to support English learning at home as well. Not every child is suited to the classic teaching method and group learning, and every child can benefit from individual reinforcement of English lessons.

Of course, even throughout middle school, high school, and after graduation, there are many students and adults who find it difficult to acquire English and learn it using traditional methods. This situation tends to worsen when looking for higher education and a career. It's never too late to improve your English and it's definitely not worth giving up. Today there are innovative methods that address the changing needs of students.

Learning English for Beginners Through Music

One of the biggest problems in learning English is motivation, especially when language acquisition doesn't come easy. In fact, there is nothing that hurts motivation more than failure. Children and teenagers who don't "get" English very quickly lose interest and motivation to learn. Therefore, there is a need to find other ways to teach English effectively, and to give immediate and balanced feedback. When looking for more attractive and refreshing ways to learn, you come to learning English for beginners through music.

Music is a universal hobby, connecting cultures and there is a place for everyone. The wide variety of genres, artists and styles allows everyone to connect with music. This understanding is the key to the effectiveness of learning English for beginners with music. With the help of songs, learning English becomes a fun, rhythmic and strengthening experience.

A great way for beginners to learn English is on the innovative SingIt platform. In the unique app, which learns with you and adapts to your individual level and preferences, you can learn English through the songs and genres you love the most. SingIt turns your personal connection to music into an active and effective learning tool for improving your English.

Benefits of Learning English for Beginners with SingIt

Personalized Learning: If there's one thing we don't like, it's feeling like we're just another cog in the system. The SingIt platform allows you to learn English through the styles and artists you love. There is no need to learn more generic and boring material like all the students in the class, but the newest and most popular songs and even timeless classics can be great learning material.

Flexibility: You can learn on any digital platform - phone, computer, tablet, etc. Unlike traditional classes, you can now learn on your own time and in any place that suits you. Even five minutes a day, over time, will improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation beyond recognition.

High-quality and comprehensive learning: Learning through English songs allows you to strengthen all aspects of the language: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, natural speaking and pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and more. Combining learning and practicing all of these will make your English communication effective and bring results and confidence in the real world.

The innovative method allows beginners to turn learning English into a pleasant, successful and efficient experience. This way you can overcome the challenges of the language while listening to the music you love. You'll be surprised to find out how a few minutes a day of learning with music can improve your English skills and fluency.