February 4, 2024

Why is English important for a career?

If in the past Latin was the world language, and in the even more distant past Greek was the dominant language in the world, there is no doubt that today English is the most important language in the world.

Why is English important for a career?

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Why is English important for a career?

It is true that English is not the most spoken language in the world, but out of the six most dominant languages in the world (English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian), English is the most dominant language. More people speak Chinese and Spanish as a mother tongue because there are more people of Spanish/Latino or Chinese descent (on the different nationalities and many dialects that exist in the Chinese/Mandarin language), but English is the most common language in the world.

English is the official language of over fifty countries, and it is the preferred language as a second language in non-English speaking countries, such as Spain or France. English is the language in which most of the world operates and over two billion people in the world speak English or are aware of its international importance and are on the scale of speaking and communicating in English. But is English really that important to our careers? Is it possible to get by in the modern world without a high level of English?

Well, the answers are a resounding yes, and no. English is not only important - it is critical for a career today. And no, it will be very difficult to impossible to get by in the modern world without a good level of English and above. It is possible and important to start learning English at a young age, you can learn English in a course, you can learn English with a private tutor, and you can learn English with music but you can't not learn English. Let's understand together why English is important for a career:

English is the language of international business.

Therefore, even to run an Israeli toy factory and import the goods from China, for example, you will need to know English in order to communicate with the Chinese. The various international communication systems (emails, internet and even phone apps) are all English based. Even if none of the people involved in the transaction are native English speakers, English will be the default language, if only because it is clear to everyone in the world that English is the dominant language. In most areas of high-tech and startups in the world, even in Israel, most organizational communication is done in English. Sometimes, because there is a need to work with international factors, and sometimes, because the aspirations and goals of the organizations are to conduct communication at a sufficient international level. Accordingly, and in line with the fact that Israel is perceived as a "startup nation", more and more workplaces are requiring good English and above.

It is important to distinguish between spoken English, which can be used almost anywhere in the world (including on the streets and in stores), and business English. Business English is a higher level and more specialized English, with a strong emphasis on the ability to express and understand, not just speaking and grammar. Business English also places a strong emphasis on the differences between the American and British dialects. A person with high proficiency in business English will find better job opportunities in many different fields: from sales and marketing, through management and banking to international communication. High level business English gives a clear advantage and higher chances to work in international companies, which of course ensures better working conditions and even more rewarding pay, accordingly.

In the world of technology, English is an essential component.

In business, operational and of course communication aspects. Most web pages are written in English, and the code that runs them is of course English-based code. So in practice, only one language provides free and unlimited access to all the information and possibilities that the internet has to offer - and that language is English. In a routine check that can be done at any time, on one of the many job search portals, it is easy to find that the vast majority of high-tech companies (hardware and software) require good English, and some even require English at the level of a mother tongue. A large part of the ads are even written in English.

While many jobs require a high level of English, there are quite a few jobs that require a good and average level, but as a threshold requirement. Even a store clerk will need to know English well in order to communicate properly with the thousands of tourists who visit Israel every year. In surveys and surveys conducted with business owners (from small to large), it was found that one of the basic skills that employers look for in potential employees is knowledge of the English language. After all, without a good level of English, countless communication problems can arise at the basic level, and even mistakes in closing deals and specifying digital products at the highest levels. It should also be noted that jobs in the digital and software worlds are jobs that are conducted almost entirely in English. On a daily basis in the office, you may not need your English skills, but in communication between different departments and global customers, and of course during the work itself - there is no doubt that high English skills will be a critical component.

English is also the official language of science, almost officially.

Physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and other scientific disciplines rely almost exclusively on the English language. Up-to-date literature, articles and research, communication between institutes and companies - all of these require advanced English skills. Scientists around the world are required to have full and high command of English in order to publish their findings and research, and to gain international recognition from their peers. The global coronavirus crisis has only highlighted the need for English in the world of science, as scientists from dozens of countries have joined forces to work together in a variety of areas, from research to fundraising to finding a vaccine quickly.

The internet was invented in the United States, but it is an integral part of the international community, and it is impossible to imagine life today without the internet. Telephones, computers, televisions - all international communication relies on the internet. Of course, the fact that the internet was invented in the United States has contributed significantly to the fact that most web pages and information on it are in English. Most search engines work best in English - with the most accurate results coming from searches in English. Over eighty percent of the information stored electronically in the world is in English. Anyone interested in a career that involves international relations - even the most basic ones - needs to know English well in order to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Let's not forget the world of education

Where English is the key to studying at the best institutions in the world. If your future career field includes higher education at a university, even if it is not international, you will need a good level of English. In order to study abroad (for example, medicine or scientific fields) you need to know English at a high level. After all, most of the material taught and practiced is material in English, in many of the existing research fields, and it is not possible to maintain a study routine and prepare for a career without knowing English at a level that allows very good reading and comprehension.

In conclusion, English is not only a necessity in life, it is an integral part of a career in the modern world.

In almost every field of work, you need to know English, down to the most basic level of work. Of course, the level of English is a derivative of the workplace and the field of work, but there is no reason to limit the many opportunities available to us today. The world is indeed a global village, as the famous study from the 1970s determined - and our global village contains so many possibilities that it would be a shame to miss out or give up on some of them in advance, just because of the fear of learning a new language.

And honestly...?

English is no longer a new language to learn. English is a language that is important to know, because it is simply impossible to get by without it in the job market.